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How to Determine If Your Tattoo Can Be Covered

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You were 16 years old when you got you first tattoo, despite the fact your parents told you not to. There were plenty of moments for you to reconsider your decision. You could have stopped when the tattoo artist was applying tattoo gel and prepping your skin. You could have had a moment of reconsideration as the stencil paper was applying. Yet, you didn’t. Now, that sign of rebellion and teenage angst is no longer a good representation of the person you are today. Of course you could go so far as to have it removed, but that’s not always the most feasible option. Instead, getting a cover up is your next best bet.


However, not every tattoo can be covered and there are a few stipulations and factors to consider. Here’s how you can determine whether or not your tattoo can be covered.


The older the tattoo, the older the ink. This means the ink has had the time to fade. Older ink that has faded can be easier to cover up. On the other hand, if your tattoo is newer, the darker ink will be harder to tattoo over and still look nice.


The size of your tattoo also affects how easily it can be covered. Larger tattoos require more time and more complicated cover up designs. The overall design of the tattoo can be harder to cover as well depending on intricate it is. Fine lines are easier to cover than dark bold outlines.


From the color to the amount used, ink can play a vital role in how well a cover up works. Colors like blues, browns, and blacks are used more often in tattoo cover ups because they do the best job in covering up old colors. Colors like yellows, oranges, and reds fade over time, revealing the tattoo beneath it.


As with everything in life, you should always get an opinion from a professional. Talk to your preferred tattoo artist so they can help you come up with the best design and method to cover your tattoo.

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